What is GTS?

Global tracking system is a system for remote tracking and positioning of passenger and freight motor vehicles, containers, construction machinery and people with the help of global positioning system (GPS satellites), internet and mobile telephony (GPRS/GSM). This monitoring system allows complete control over the movement, positioning and status of vehicles in real time.

Location of the vehicle is determined using a GPS receiver installed in the vehicle that provides information on position, speed and direction of movement. GPS vehicle tracking system offers an efficient way to manage motor parks on the road (passenger cars, trucks, buses, containers). At that, it is not important how many cars or what time of day you want to track, but to reliably know that they are on route and that are safe.

In addition, its usage improves the efficiency of transport due to the possibility of rapid response in unexpected situations such as traffic delay, vehicle breakdown or traffic accident.

Based on the reports of time spent on each location, the transporter can solve complaints profesionally regarding the service and to ensure accurate billing. Thanks to the analysis of data on Vehicle movement history and events, transporters can optimize routes.