Privacy policy

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This Privacy Policy describes how BrosMedia d.o.o. uses your personal information. In addition, the guidelines relating to this website have been altered and published below.
This website is owned by BrosMedia d.o.o. based in Subotica, Serbia. Some of the servers on which this site is located are located in different European countries.

Personal Information

Personal information that users input on this site is used exclusively for the purpose specified when inputing them.

We do not give anyone your personal information unless it is necessary to fulfill your request, providing full reasoning, or in best intent to consider it necessary to disclose such information in order to comply with the applicable law or provision, or to discover and prevent fraud, security or technical problems. By using this website, you indicate that you agree to forward your information to a third party only for the above purposes. No personal information under any circumstances will be abused.


The security of your personal information is very important to us. We take care of it by using encryption technologies such as Transport Layer Security (TLS). We use limited-access computer systems located in objects with physical, electronic and procedural security measures in order to protect the confidentiality and security of the information we have been given.

EMail Address

The email address you specify when creating an account on this website will be used to contact you in connection with your account. For example, if you forget your username or password and request help for signing up for a site, the help will be provided in the form of a message that you will receive on the email address you provided.

Other data

In addition to creating an account, you can also enter personal information (such as movement addresses, vehicle data and driver info) for other reasons (for example, in the service book for your records). We store and use data you have provided only for the purposes that you have specified and only for as long as is necessary.

Cookies and similar technologies

Certain information is automatically collected when you visit our website. This is done through cookies, web bugs and similar technologies. Here we use the term cookie in a wider sense as design technology similar to "local storage".

Cookies. As with most websites, when you visit this site, a small amount of data known as a cookie will be stored on your mobile phone, tablet, or hard drive in your computer. There are different types of cookies that perform various functions and are mainly used to make it easier for you to use the Internet. We use cookies to know if you have visited our website before or remember the settings you selected when using the website. For example, the language you selected can be saved in a cookie so that your page is instantly opened in that language when you next visit the website. We do not use cookies for marketing purposes.

Cookies used on this site can be classified into one of three groups:

Necessary cookies: These cookies are necessary for you to use some of the options on a website, such as signing in or sending out forms. Without these cookies, the services you requested would not be possible. These include cookies that allow us to provide you with the service you requested while browsing the site. These cookies do not collect your data that could be used for marketing purposes, nor remember the sites you visited.

Function cookies: These cookies allow the site to remember the selections you have made (such as your username, language, or your location), and to allow you to use additional options.

Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to collect data about the use of the website, for example, the number of visitors to the site or how much a visitor is on a website on average. This data is exclusively used to improve the work of the website.

Some cookies are your own cookies that are from our web site. Other cookies come from other domains. We only use our own cookies, other than cookies associated with Google reCAPTCHA. This service serves to distinguish people from computers in order to avoid spam. See

Web bugs. The pages on our website can contain small electronic files known as web bugs that allow us to monitor activities, such as knowing when you are on a particular page. Web bugs are used to track the use of this website, and how it works.

IP Address: IP address is the number that identifies your computer on the Internet. We use your IP address to analyze user habits, determine problems on the website and improve the services we offer.

The thing of choice. Most internet browsers offer you the option to turn off cookies or to receive a message before the cookie is saved on your device. Please refer to your browsers instructions to find out how to set it up. However, keep in mind that without cookies some options on our website will not work.

Active Scripting or JavaScript
The options "Active Scripting" or "JavaScript" are used to improve the functionality of this site. This allows for faster access to information. On this site, these options are never used to install a program on a users computer or to collect data from their computer.

In order for some parts of this site to work properly, the search engine should enable the option "Active Scripting" or the "JavaScript" option. Most browsers allow this option to be enabled or disabled for certain sites. To check how you can do this, see the Help of your browser.

Your Rights

Usage of this site is allowed as long as you have access to specific areas or with your own user parameters that were given to you by us. You are not required to register or otherwise leave personal information in order to be able to use this website. However, if you want to create an account or choose another option that includes the provision of personal information, you agree to the Privacy and Cookie Policy, store your data on servers in Europe, collect, process, transfer of your personal information by BrosMedia d.o.o. and other organizations that BrosMedia d.o.o. used in different countries whose services are needed to meet your request.

If you do not want to provide the information needed to open an account or otherwise use this website, we will not be able to satisfy your request for our services.

If there ever will be a need to change the Privacy Policy and Cookie Usage, we will update the changes to this page, so you know what information we collect and how to use them.

Under the existing laws you can have additional rights related to the protection of personal data. This includes the right to view, correct or delete personal information that you have left on this web site.